About Us

Dae Yang Engineering Pte Ltd is one of the leading and fastest growing marine engineering firms in Singapore, providing comprehensive and specialized shipbuilding services and shipyard functions. Incorporated in Singapore in 1996, Dae Yang Engineering Pte Ltd was founded by Heung Wan Park who currently presides in the leading role of Managing Director.

The company operates on a local basis with the assistance of a management team, a production team, and a technical team. Comprised of 60 experienced Korean marine engineers and dedicated staff members, Dae Yang Engineering Pte Ltd provides a complete line of construction projects. Our years of experience in ensuring minimum down time loss for vessels under repair and performing efficient work for projects such as hot work, welding, machinery, and damage surveys or repairs at competitive, cost-competitive prices help us to provide guidance and recommendations to our clients, even if unforeseen circumstances should arise. We work in partnership with our clients to accommodate their engineering needs.

Our Mission

Dae Yang Engineering is dedicated to provide top quality service, along with the commitment to understand conditions, challenges, and opportunities as viewed by our clients.

Our motto, which is having the "We Can Do It!" attitude, is the reason for our success in today's busy times and expansion in the future.