Our Facilities

Dae Yang Engineering has all the necessary facilities and expertise to meet the needs. Dae Yang Engineering offers a comprehensive engineering services. In addition, our engineering works, workshops and fabrication facilities ready to provide you Exellent and Quality services.

Dae Yang Engineering has a reputation for reliable and quality services and believes firmly in giving our Customers the best.

Moreover, HSE ( Health, Safety & Environment ) Standards ensure Conducive and Safe Working Environment. Our Workshop area of 1500 metre square and equipped with 2x10tons overhead crane and folklift for internal material transportation.

The combination of our Engineering & Workshop facilities and Skilled and Innovative work force makes an ideal stop for your Engineering Matters.

Our commonly use Welding Process are Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Submerged Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and Gas Metal Arc Welding. We have been working as a Vessel’s Repairer and Maintenance Contractor for many Local and International Companies provide trust worthy services.

Our Workshop Equipments

  1. Overhead Cranes (SWL 10 M/T : 2 units)
  2. Forklift
  3. Semi-Auto Cutting Machine
  4. SAW Machine
  5. GMAW / FCAW Machine
  6. GTAW Machine
  7. SMAW Machine
  8. Drilling Machine
  9. Turning Machine
  10. Milling Machine
  11. Turn-Roll
  12. Air-Compressor